News: Hungarian band Colorstar release remix album

Hungarian band Colorstar have announced today on Facebook that their long-awaited remix album titled ‘Komplementer’ has been released on CD.

Colorstar started out as an instrumental modern psychedelic rock band but moved on to become some sort of an electronica-dance-rock phenomenon, a style which sounds much, much better when listened to. Colorstar have released four albums and one live DVD so far and they thought this was the time to give the control to other artists to reflect their musical visions. They even held a soundcloud competition for their audience to compete in, by submitting a remix for the song ‘Falling’.

The winning version is the last track on the album which has songs from every previous release, remixed by – among others – Hungarian psychedelic rock band Óperentzia, wicked techno artists Bernath/y & Son and well-known folk-electronica band Goulash Exotica as well as Hungarian electronic music artists of international fame like Gabor Deutsch (aka Raster aka Anorganik) and Secta Chameleon.

The album is available at

Full review coming soon. Below are some songs from the past and the winning remix which has a really nice breakbeat vibe, reminiscent of Hybrid.


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