News: Yonderboi readies third album

Hungary’s most exciting electronica musician Yonderboi (László Fogarasi Jr.) published a teaser picture on Facebook made from the cover of his third album – bearing the ice-cool title ‘Passive Control’ – stating that its exact release date is the 23rd of September.

The album is going to be released on German label Mole Listening Pearls, and – according to the press release – will be some sort of a sequel to the sophomore ‘Splendid Isolation’. ‘Passive Control’ will feature and introduce German singer Charlotte Brandi to the public. Another voice on the album will be Edward Ka-Spel.

Based on the samples available on, it seems like Yonderboi is returning to his electronic roots as this album will be less eclectic and more focused on synthetic arrangements with much more focused and streamlined production with killer grooves. (A definite change from rock-inspired and rock-infused songs like ‘Were You Thinking Of Me?’ on his previous effort.)

Full review around the release date. Press release can be read HERE. (On Mole’s site, there are 45-second samples of the songs as well.)

The tracklist is as follows:

01. Sustainable Development
02. I Am CGI
03. She Complains
04. Roast Pigeon
05. Paint Hunting On The Wall
06. Brighter Than Anything
07. Mono De Oro
08. Synchronicity
09. Inexhaustible Well
10. Come On Progeny
11. After The Snap

UPDATE: the 45-second samples are available in a much better environment (courtesy of on Hungarian music news blog, over here .

And a song from the previous album featuring Krisztian Szucs (Heaven Street Seven and The Twist):


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