News: New Wilco album to be released pretty soon

frontman Jeff Tweedy

American alternative rock/country – experimental band Wilco is coming with their latest album ‘The Whole Love’ in a little bit more than a month.

With a release on their own label dBpm,it seems that Jeff Tweedy and Co. are coming back with music in keeping with the experimental and avantgarde attitude of their 2002 release ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’. However, we can be sure that it by no means will be a mere repetition of what we have grown to love.

Release date is September 27th, the album can be preordered on Wilco’s special store website. In addition, every order will be entered to a weekly prize draw where the main attraction is no other than a fully renovated bicycle, manufactured in 1955. More details on the page.

Review coming upon release. Tracklist is as follows:

Cover of the standard edition

Art of Almost
I Might

Dawned On Me
Black Moon
Born Alone
Open Mind
Capitol City
Standing O
Rising Red Lung
Whole Love
One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)

Additional songs on the deluxe edition:
I Love My Label
Message From Mid-Bar
Speak into the Rose
Black Moon (Alt.)

Here are two videos, one is Wilco’s cover of the Nick Lowe song ‘I Love My Label’ (with a definite and fully understandable ars poetical pathos), the other one is studio footage from the recording of ‘The Whole Love”s opening track, ‘Art of Almost’.


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