News: Pledge for new For A Minor Reflection EP

Icelandic post-rockers For A Minor Reflection (after their tour of Central and North-Eastern Europe, which included a performance at Sziget Festival) chose an unorthodox way of releasing music, in fact, for financing their endeavours and releasing their music through that.

The solution is a website, which offers musicians the opportunity to sell their soon-to-be-recorded music before going to the studio (thus raising funds for recording and marketing), with optional exclusive content shared by the bands themselves.

For A Minor Reflection chose to promote and sell their new EP this way, staying directly in touch with fans. It is also to be noted that part of the revenue will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) .
The most standard pledge is a digital download with one exclusive image and video from the band which costs £8.
The exclusives however range from signed cover art, signed photo, numbered CDs, 12″ vinyl version to a painting of the band or a digital download purchased with a lopapeysa, the traditional Icelandic wool sweater. So many things, you should definitely check them out. And the band itself, obviously.

Review on the EP coming soon. Below are some links and videos.

Live studio session of ‘Amoll’ at RÚV Radio

Pledgemusic video

For a Minor Reflection – Pledge Introducion from For a Minor Reflection on Vimeo.


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