News: Björk postpones Biophilia release date

Pitchfork has reported that the release of Björk’s multimedia ‘installment’ Biophilia will be released almost two weeks later than it had been promised. (October 10th is the seemingly-final release date.)

Iceland’s most well-known singstress has published quite a lot information on ‘Biophilia’ so far, here are some things:

The first thing to be released off the album was ‘Crystalline’, a song which starts out as a quite mellow, tingling song (with the gameleste), and turns into a Squarepusher-ish drum and bass craze. Its video was directed by Michel Gondry:

A short sample from the opening track ‘Moon’ was also published:

Here’s ‘Cosmogony’:

A remix series was also released, remixers like Omar Souleyman and Matthew Herbert (among others) reworked certain tracks. Omar Souleyman made ‘Crystalline’ (besides two others) his own:

Tracklist and cover:

01. Moon

Album Cover

02. Thunderbolt
03. Crystalline
04. Cosmogony
05. Dark Matter
06. Hollow
07. Virus
08. Sacrifice
09. Mutual Core
10. Solstice
11. Hollow (Original 7 Minute Version) (Digipack only)
12. Dark Matter (With Choir & Organ) (Digipack only)
13. Nattura (Digipack only)

Manual and Ultimate Editions have a bonus disc with a live recording from Björk’s first ‘Biophilia residency’ [a week at a concert venue with one or two Biophilia shows a day] in Manchester, England.


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