News: TV On The Radio to release live EP

Brooklyn art rock geniuses TV On The Radio are going to release the live recording of a short performance recorded at World Café on May 27, 2011, shortly after the release of their fifth album ‘Nine Types of Light’. The release will be available as digital download, and also on CD and vinyl from the 6th of September.

Singer Tunde Adebimpe (photo: Gregg Greenwood,

The tracklist is as follows:

01 Caffeinated Consciusness
02 Will Do
03 Red Dress
04 Province (CD and vinyl only)
05 Repetition

2011 is full of delightful TVOTR releases: with the album ‘Nine Types of Light’ came its ‘film’ version, a music video cycle, then came ‘Chemical Peels’, an iTunes release with two remixes (a Mylo remix of ‘Will Do’ and a version of ‘Caffeinated Consciousness’ made and expanded with additional rap lines by Das Racist and PatrickWhat) and now ‘Live at World Café’.

Cover of the live EP here:

Review on release. Feature article coming soon.

And to give a great exhibit of the band’s live power (which is stronger than a bull and deadlier than the venom of a thousand cobras), here’s ‘Wolf Like Me’ and their completely unexpected, although suitable and really fun ‘Ghostbusters’ cover recorded at this year’s Glastonbury Festival:


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