Everything you need to know about ‘Inni’ by Sigur Rós (other than actually seeing/hearing it)

Icelandic geniuses Sigur Rós have finally announced details on their forthcoming concert film and double live album ‘Inni’, filmed at the closing performances (two nights at London’s Alexandra Palace) of the tour supporting the band’s latest album to date, ‘Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust’. We’re talking about cover images, tracklist, a clip from the movie and a download, pre-order details and new screening dates. Let’s go one by one:

Cover image

Standard Edition

Limited Special Edition

Tracklists go as follows:

film tracklisting

Sigur Rós performing live in 2006 (image: Wikimedia Commons)

  1. ný batterí
  2. svefn-g-englar
  3. fljótavík
  4. inní mér syngur vitleysingur
  5. sæglópur
  6. festival
  7. e-bow
  8. popplagið
  9. lúppulagið

double album

cd 1

  1. svefn-g-englar
  2. glósóli
  3. ný batterí
  4. fljótavík
  5. við spilum endalaust
  6. hoppípolla
  7. með blóðnasir
  8. inní mér syngur vitleysingur
  9. e-bow

cd 2

  1. sæglópur
  2. festival
  3. hafsól
  4. all alright
  5. popplagið
  6. lúppulagið (playing over the end credits in the film, this is a non-live version)

Clip from the movie and download

You can download the live recording of ‘Festival’ HERE.

Pre-order details

Jónsi (image: Wikimedia Commons)

‘Inni’ will be available in several different editions:

  • digital edition: straightforward digital download, just as we all know it (video/audio available separately)
  • standard edition: DVD + 2CD
  • blu-ray edition: Blu-Ray, DVD, 2CD
  • vinyl / dvd edition: ‘Inni’ on triple vinyl, DVD, digital audio download
  • limited special edition: unique concert artefact, 7″ coloured vinyl, 1x blu-ray, 1x dvd, 2x cd, ‘klippa’ on dvd, 4x photographic prints, light sensitive paper, enamel badge

More information over HERE


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