News: Hungarian iTunes Music Store launch

The day has come: Hungary has become part of Apple’s mega music store, iTunes. From now on, albums can be downloaded and paid for in Euros using Hungarian postal addresses and credit cards. The formula is the same as everywhere: 1 song costs €0,99 (standard price, iTunes Plus versions are a bit more expensive), albums’ prices vary. (As of writing the post, ‘I’m With You’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers costs a stunning €11,99 – the same as its physical counterpart.)

So it’s not a very big step for the spread of digital downloads, especially when conversion rates are sky-high. (Notice the unexpected coincidence between the launch of the store and the Forint-Euro conversion rates.)

But let’s put aside thinking and enter the world of joys: this really feels like back in the day when the first McDonald’s opened on Váci street in Budapest – it’s not that ready yet but you can feel the winds of change.)

Actually, it looks quite solemn and interesting: charts are empty, not every site works, there are a lot of yet-unavailable portions of the store. But it’s here.

Hungarian top albums chart just a good hour after the launch of the Hungarian iTunes store

disclaimer: the author of this news entry is a user of Apple products and welcomes the attention Hungary receives from Apple these days


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