News: ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ soundtrack details and free download

As it has been expected and excitedly waited for, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have let out information on the follow-up to 2010’s extremely successful and critically acclaimed, Oscar- and Golden Globe-winner original score ‘The Social Network’. This time, it’s another movie by David Fincher, the American remake of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’.

Trent Reznor announced on Twitter that further information concerning the score would be released on December 2nd and the album itself would come out on the 9th some weeks ago. Well, the details are out, and here they are:

The soundtrack to ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is as long as three hours. It will be available in various formats, the cheapest of which will be the ‘good-old’ iTunes preorder (for $11.99) and the most expensive (and expansive for that matter) Deluxe for $300. Details below. With the iTunes preorder comes the immediate download of the cover to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs singstress Karen O.

Tracklist is as follows:

  • (CD1)
  • 1. Immigrant Song
  • 2. She Reminds Me Of You
  • 3. People Lie All The Time
  • 4. Pinned And Mounted
  • 5. Perihelion
  • 6. What If We Could?
  • 7. With The Flies
  • 8. Hidden In Snow
  • 9. A Thousand Details
  • 10. One Particular Moment
  • 11. I Can’t Take It Anymore
  • 12. How Brittle The Bones
  • 13. Please Take Your Hand Away
  • (CD2)
  • 14. Cut Into Pieces

    Cover art for full release

  • 15. The Splinter
  • 16. An Itch
  • 17. Hypomania
  • 18. Under The Midnight Sun
  • 19. Aphelion
  • 20. You’re Here
  • 21. The Same As The Others
  • 22. A Pause For Reflection
  • 23. While Waiting
  • 24. The Seconds Drag
  • 25. Later Into The Night
  • 26. Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome
  • (CD3)
  • 27. Another Way Of Caring
  • 28. A Viable Construct
  • 29. Revealed In The Thaw
  • 30. Millennia
  • 31. We Could Wait Forever
  • 32. Oraculum
  • 33. Great Bird Of Prey
  • 34. The Heretics
  • 35. A Pair Of Doves
  • 36. Infiltrator
  • 37. The Sound Of Forgetting
  • 38. Of Secrets
  • 39. Is Your Love Strong Enough


Digital download – 320kbps
HD Digital Download – FLAC or Apple Lossless
CD – 3CD set in digipak casing

Deluxe version contains the following:

  • Choice of Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps MP3

    The Deluxe Version (image taken from

  • The full album on six pieces of 180 gram vinyl
  • Deluxe book package with metal cover in a hard plastic “ice” slip cover
  • Exclusive custom 8gb metal razor blade USB pendant, inspired by Lisbeth’s razor blade necklace
  • USB drive contains the full album in high-fidelity 96k audio
  • Fold-out poster by Neil Kellerhouse
  • Numbered limited edition of 3000
  • Personally signed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • Images shown are concept renderings.
    Appearance and content subject to change
  • Ships February 6, 2012

And definitely the most intriguing thing about today’s news:

A free download of six full-length tracks (35mins of running time). HERE

Tracklist to the sampler:

  • 1. Hidden In Snow

    Sampler cover art

  • 2. People Lie All The Time
  • 3. What If We Could?
  • 4. Oraculum
  • 5. Please Take Your Hand Away
  • 6. Under The Midnight Sun


UPDATE: listen to the cover of ‘Immigrant Song’ below:


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