BEST SONGS OF 2011: #10

This song came practically from nowhere. At least for me. I heard Maroon 5 when they were in their young days singing dingly-dangly songs about ‘This Love’ and man, I did not like that song. I heard news about subsequent albums and Adam Levine building an image for himself and the band (promoting various issues like testicular cancer and ADHD awareness) but I did not really see myself listening to Maroon 5 and in particular: actually paying attention to them. They ‘musical guested’ Saturday Night Live this fall and played ‘Moves Like Jagger’ there which instantly directed my attention to their work because: well, it’s sort of funky, incorporates electronica in a really proportionate, yet creative manner has a memorable melody, and references something which should’ve been referenced in songs looking up to the Rolling Stones (so practically, every band): the moves of Mick Jagger. And how dangerous an experiment is it to use what makes you look rather badass if and only if you have a well-made song: having ‘and it goes like this’ right before the chorus. Well, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ (regardless of having an awkward little verse sung by Christina Aguilera) is a well-made song.

Watch the video below to witness the fitness:


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