BEST SONGS OF 2011: #09

Hitting number 9 on our year-end list of the best songs there’s ‘Bigger Than Us’ by English band White Lies who released their second album back in January. It wasn’t hard to notice this song as it was released as a single accompanied by a rather strange video allegedly inspired by the motion picture ‘E.T.’.

I have written about the album and some things about the song itself in the review to ‘Ritual’  but let’s dig a bit longer and deeper.

Albumwise, ‘Bigger Than Us’ is a really great track 3. It hits us after warm up and gives a boost to our senses to want the whole album just as much as – and here comes the songwriting-wise part of the article – many repeats of the song on our media player of choice. Its airy, yet dense arrangement and huge chorus can give strength and for a moment we all wonder why we have not heard ‘Bigger Than Us’ on a soundtrack to xth sequel to movie franchise ‘y’.

This song shows how the skills of White Lies have developed over the years and persuades us to buy the album and look for their forthcoming works. Because now we definitely know it is worth. They are here to stay.


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