BEST SONGS OF 2011: #07

I know, I know, you have all been waiting for the review of the full album, believe me, I wanted to do it, I just could not get down to it. (You’ll see why in the top10 albums section.)

For now, I just wanted to praise the genius of Iceland’s queen of popular music through this song only. ‘Biophilia’ is truly a multimedia masterpiece, embracing technology and the world of tones, notes and music unlike any other release, at least in 2011. But forget about the fuss. Let’s not think about how many intruments were custom-made only for the album (like the gameleste, or the pendulum bass which of course is not some gritty, rude and distorted bassline for drum and bass bands but an actual pendulum) and subsequent residencies held by Björk so far in Manchester and Reykjavík. Or the apps which made it more interactive. Or the so-called Manual Edition which contained photos and essays dealing with nature. Let’s concentrate instead solely on the song itself.

It begins with a beatifully arranged gameleste line and Björk’s voice – masterfully intermixed overdubs and a huge bass part with a clever beat. From this you can tell that Björk partly went back to her early days, producing ‘general’ electronic music but she found her roots not only in terms of production preferences. Her voice is as clear and dynamic as ever. And of course, the second part of the song. Oh that second part…

(video directed by Michel Gondry)


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