Inbetween Days: end of 2011, looking forward to ’12

It’s been a crazy year in many ways. I wouldn’t really like to start a possibly endless enumeration of different things that spring to my mind. Politics got a lot different (both domestic and international – make no mistake, I study these things), popular music has survived the ugly phenomenon we shall refer to as dubstep, we have seen divorces, flops, great songs and greater albums, oil catastrophes, scientists found a planet similar to Earth. And_so_on…

Unfortunately I have not been able to finish up the ‘best of’ lists here on Sound Arkive. I wanted to write about the remaining songs, the 10 best albums, the honorable mentions as well as concert of the year. Well, those words will surely be brought to you in 2012. But to be fair – and to give some impetus to all of you who are planning to go to party, I’ve embedded the 10 best songs as a dragontape playlist under this paragraph. (Be advised, the Beastie Boys song is practically missing, thanks YouTube.) Click on the link below and blast it away:!/4402338

I also had quite a year in terms of festivals: I visited VOLT Festival held in Sopron, Hungary. This was my 9th VOLT (both ever and in a row) and perhaps this was the most modest edition, at least for me. (Of course my illness in the middle of everything did not really help.) Anyway, when I was around I enjoyed it of course and was particularly blown away by The Ting Tings. Same thing happened in Zagreb, Croatia at INmusic Festival where I had not one but two life-defining moments (fortunately, not moments but whole soundchecks and concerts), namely the performance of Arcade Fire and TV On The Radio. Two live experiences I can cross off my bucket list but will seek the opportunity to live again as many times as I can in the future. Below you can see a compilation of photos I took at these happenings. Also, we shouldn’t forget what possibly was one of the coolest things I’ll ever get to: the opening of the new terminal at Budapest International Airport with the concerts of Hungarian electronica-rock band Zagar and English once-drumandbass act Kosheen. (Sorry for the low-res images.)

Click HERE to enjoy the pictures.

So everybody could ask me: ‘what are your new year’s resolutions?’ I’m going to give you the musical ones:

  1. see either Arcade Fire or TV On The Radio once again (and this time be more aggressive about the photo with Kyp Malone if I meet him again)
  2. visit at least one of the Great Fives (more on this later)
  3. depending on my exam schedule, appear at my 10th VOLT Festival – the place where everything began
  4. write, record and release the first Laughing Vixen album
  5. have a Telecaster I’m gonna modify
  6. see Rammstein play live
  7. improve on my guitar playing
  8. perform at 2012’s Jew’s Harp Festival
  9. record my long-planned new jew’s harp-centered album
  10. go to as many concerts at the Palace of Arts as I can

With this, I wish you, dear readers all the best for the new year!

See you all in 2012.


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