I was browsing around on YouTube to post something onto my personal facebook wall before going to lunch when I found this band and since I couldn’t help but think of Radiohead just because of their name, I thought I’d take a look. And I can tell you with great confidence: they have only few stylistic features comparable to that of Radiohead… If any.

EXITMUSIC is rather a shoegaze/dreampop duo based in Brooklyn, New York City which comprises of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church. They got together after Church had moved back to NYC after teaching English in India and Taiwan. The beginnings must’ve been very romantic: Church had nothing but an acoustic guitar and Palladino was writing songs on guitar and playing around with a four track layering sounds and creating little pieces of music. Devon states on the band’s myspace page that his musical influences include “Radiohead’s Kid A, that second Sigur Rós album, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Warp Records electronic stuff.”

So there they worked in magical Brooklyn (has anyone thought about how many great bands hail from the borough?) and released their first full-length album titled ‘The Decline Of The West’ which has been described as sort of a post-punk/trip-hop happening. Palladino and Church then moved to Los Angeles, married and Palladino began looking for acting work. (As she is a professional actress as well.) Work and opportunities waited in the east however: she got a role in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and the couple happily moved back to New York where they recorded Exitmusic’s latest output: an EP titled ‘From Silence’ which lyrically deals with loss, both personal and universal, “the destruction of nature and the destruction of our own nature.” Musically and sonically the situation is even more intriguing: the ambient, layered atmosphere-kind of approach is definitely present alongside simple beats that make the setting even more dramatic and of course, on top of it: Palladino’s strong, dramatic and emotional singing.

The EP was released in October 2011 and is available on iTunes (and via other services as well, I presume) and there’s also a 1USD single from mind-blowing opener ‘The Sea’ on their bandcamp page. (Click on the photo and you’ll be taken there.)

Performing live as a four-piece (Aleksa Palladino – keys, vox, guitar; Devon Church – guitar; Dru Prentiss – drums; Nicholas Shelestak – programming, keys), EXITMUSIC is a band definitely worth checking and worry you not, thanks to KEXP (the savior of worthy indie music, let it be electronic, guitar-driven, folksy or anything else) here’s a full performance they gave on air to listeners:


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