BEST SONGS OF 2011: #06

Catching up with my obligatory 2011 list, here’s the 6th best song from the now-past.

Beastie Boys has always been the definition of cool (let’s just think about the video for ‘Shake Your Rump’, the whole ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album or the fact that every member plays an actual instrument) and they upped their game or at least stayed on par with ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’, the sequel to the never-released first installment.

MCA has beat cancer, the boys got down to beats-making and lyrics-writing and have dropped a plate with instant classics like the instrumental ‘Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament’, ‘Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win’ with Santigold, ‘Long Burn The Fire’ as well as the great music videos of last year.

The song I’ve chosen is ‘Nonstop Disco Powerpack’ though because it’s a great way to some up what the Beasties are, with clever rhymes, absolutely fantastic mc-ing (especially by MCA who shows that he’s not just simply back… he’s f–in back), a great beat and trousers-shaking bass.

And honestly: how badass do you have to be to showcase your album as a stream from centre court, Madison Square Garden?

You can listen to the whole album over here. (The song itself starts at 3.54.)


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