Review: IamOmni: IAMOMNI

I was reading some older music magazines the other day and was really happy to discover IamOmni’s work as I was looking for some really cool hip-hop thing. I read up on the release and found out that this self-titled effort was produced by none other than Tricky. Later I found out that this fact is the best and worst scenario IamOmni could’ve imagined or created.

IamOmni is no newbie when it comes to music, apparently this is his 6th record but the first under the IamOmni alias. (He was known simply as Omni before.) He comes from Los Angeles and his flow is definitely West Coast with a twist. Mainly because of the clever lyrical content of the songs. Rhymes are great and it’s not just the music’s achievement that the album has sort of an apocalyptic atmosphere. As it is written in the album’s description on the production’s bandcamp page : “As we fashion the future from the rubble of the 20th century, our hearts and minds are the frontline of the new war, and the enemy has become part of us. IAMOMNI is IAMOMNI’s call to arms for the youth to claim control of themselves, and to understand that in a world where nothing seems real, they are the only thing left that is.” Hard words which seem appropriate for an album released right after the 2011 England riots had settled. IamOmni surely shows an exceptional openness, sensitivity and some genuine concern when it comes to the subjects above and delivers accordingly. And there’s a great roster of collaborators as well: Tiki Lewis is a central figure on the album and has a huge role in the production, just as much as Kassia Conway but there are others: Japan’s Shingo2, and Suffa from Australia hip-hop crew Hilltop Hood.

I wrote that the girls have an important role in the production and that’s what leads us to everything else other than lyrics and emceeing. Because the Trickster has everything else under control. Extremely great musical solutions, effects, guitar solos and the usage of woman voice in the choruses to ease on the stiffness of the songs are definitely signs of Tricky’s production habits and while this is not a general outline of how every song goes Tricky’s signature moves are definitely present throughout.

Tricky’s music (or more precisely: a more focused and more straightforward version thereof), IamOmni’s valid thoughts on today’s world and his solid rapping. 34 minutes of goodies.

Listen to the album below:

Watch a video:


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