News: Gaz Coombes readies solo album

Many of us were really bummed when the news came in about British supercool rock band Supergrass

Gaz Coombes ca. 2008 (image: Wikimedia Commons)

breaking up. The band’s principal songwriter mastermind did not really rest however, as he has posted something really reassuring on Facebook:

Hello folks. Just a quick note to say, that after the past year & many adventures down the rabbit hole looking for new noises & stories, my record is finished & it’s ready to go !…..So excited about y’all hearing it & I’m currently rehearsing for Spring live shows which is going great.
Tracks, vids & more info to come…
Tick-tock !
GC x


Supergrass was stylish and enjoyable as a whole but let’s hope some flavour will return on Gaz’s solo effort as well.

Here’s one of the last Supergrass videos for the lead single of the last album ‘Diamond Hoo-Ha’:


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