Graham Coxon: A+E

Blur guitarist, solo artist and Fender endorsee with a beautiful signature guitar,English musician Graham Coxon has exploded back into mainstream popular music. Last year. Why do I write about – what more, restart my blog on current music! – his adventures? Should he really be rushed to A+E instead?

Coxon has long been seen as someone who took matters in his own han

ds after quitting Blur indicating a bit different directions than with the band, becoming settled-in and thinking in more laid-back structures, releasing solo stuff like 2009’s ‘The Spinning Top’ which seemingly was more about the carefully put-together songs per se than just pure rocking like let’s say, back in the days of  ‘Happiness In Magazines’.

I really don’t know what was first. The hype around the possible return of Blur or the something that woke up the beast in Graham but A+E is surely different from anything before. Of course, the ‘silent guy’ aesthetic is present along with the signature songwriting style we love him for but A+E is much, much more experimental and out-of-comfortzone than the release before. With songs like the simple and basically ‘retro-ish’ album opener ‘Advice’ through the intentionally daft rhythm of ‘City Hall’ to the 5-min glory of ‘Seven Naked Valleys’ certainly prove that Graham Coxon is still among the more interesting artists of our time with a signature sound and an instinctive yet all-round approach to music. And of course, awesome – but not assertive – guitar work.

A+E is great. And Mr. Coxon is a legend. We have already known this. Blur aside. Of that we had a notion that’s just become fact.


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